Valerie Erickson’s Voice and Piano Lesson Policies

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Information about Valerie Erickson:

 I graduated in May of 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a double major in Music (Flute) Performance from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. I have studied with flute teachers Pat Peterson, Martha Fabrique, Nancy Teskey, Chris Potter, Fran Piazza, and Sylvia Greenfield, oboe teacher Sue Logan, and voice teachers Kim Peters and Karen Engelby. I have performed in numerous church choirs, and voice recitals.  I taught band with Fountain/Ft. Carson School District 8, at Abrams, Patriot, and Mountainside Elementary Schools. I have played with Colorado Wind Ensemble since October 2000 ( I have taught PK-5 music, 4/5th grade band and 4-10th grade choir 2006-2009 in school district 20 in Colorado Springs. I have also taught choir and general music in Jeffco Public Schools. I bring 28 years of musical experience to my studio, and have taught privately since 1999. A resume is available upon request.



My contact information:


Valerie Erickson

Home: 720-308-8061

Current Lesson Tuition: 

½ hour= $30.00

45 minutes=$45.00

1 hour= $60.00

It is recommended that beginning students do half hours, intermediate ones do 45 minutes, and advanced singers do one hour lessons. Tuition for lessons is due at the last lesson of the month for the following month, minus make-up lessons for illnesses. No-call and no-shows will not be refunded, as your time slot is saved especially for you, and I am at the lesson whether students show up or not. I realize that emergencies will sometimes come up, and I can work with you on these, but please try to call 24 hours before your lesson time to let me know. This way, I can reschedule the lessons so that there will not be gaps in between. Students must begin with a minimum of a month of lessons to provide adequate time for student and teacher to get to know one another. Students must also give a month’s notice before quitting lessons.


Students will learn: (Some of these apply to piano, and some to voice J )

Correct body position, tone production, hand position, rhythm, sight-singing, or sight-reading, technique (scales and other technical studies), proper breathing, vocal nutrition (i.e. no drinking milk or soda pop right before a recital, etc.), solo pieces from all different time periods (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century/Broadway Musical Tunes, or even Twenty-first Century if the student wishes.) Students can also learn music theory, jazz, and music history according to their interests. Duets and trios will also be incorporated into lessons. Voice students will prepare for honor choir auditions, as well as school try-outs. Students will be required to perform at a recital once a year (generally these are done at a nursing home,) and also at their school district’s solo/ensemble contest.  There are also other opportunities to sing or play in the community, such as a Christmas performance in Westminster, and/or many various locations in the Denver area.

Practice Policies:

Beginning students age 8 and under: 15-20 minutes a day

Beginning students age 8 and up: A minimum of 30 minutes a day

Intermediate students: A minimum of 45 minutes a day

Advanced students: A minimum of an hour a day (more if you plan to become a music major!)

The techniques and methods taught in lessons are essential to students’ success. Students will get out of lessons what they put into them in the way of practice. They will only improve if sufficient time is spent on the assignments they are given. Spiral notebooks MUST be looked at weekly, and assignments are expected to be prepared. Parental involvement is more than welcome, and if you would ever like to observe lessons to know how to further encourage your child in his/her practice, that is wonderful.


Required Materials:

¨Spiral notebook for assignments, and a three-ring binder with index dividers for sheet music (must be brought to EVERY lesson!)


¨An open mind, eager and willing to learn! J

¨All assigned books, sheet music, solos, duets, etc. (Please budget approximately $50-75 a year for these expenses.)

¨Recordings of solos the student will be performing, available from most libraries. I have some available for borrowing as well, as long as they are returned!

Interesting Websites for Vocalists:

Books for middle school and above: The Basics of Singing, by Jan Schmidt, and Methodical Sight Singing, by Frederic W. Root.